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IO Technology Group is a company specializing in data analysis in the virtual currency field. The key projects are software and system development. As the popularity of the digital currency market continues to heat up in recent years, more and more people are paying attention to the blockchain field. Especially in 2017, the number of digital currency users has experienced explosive growth, and the number of active digital wallet users has increased from less than 5 million at the beginning of the year to over 20 million. With the skyrocketing users and the growing popularity of blockchain technology, tens of thousands of times of bitcoin growth has made more people realize the value of digital currency investment. In this context, IO Technology Group began to make virtual currency hedges and stabilize arbitrage in 2017. The IO Technology Group consists of professionals in different fields such as financial professionals, data scientists and technicians. With a wealth of experience and a good track record, coupled with a strong national quotation system, these professions provide strong support for our unique hedging investment, making IO Group extraordinary in foreign exchange, futures, stocks and virtual currency. Achievements.

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The birth and popularity of each new technology will lead to many business opportunities that subvert the traditional model and create a business empire built using the technology. IO Technology brings together its own software and system development advantages, and shares the professional brick-and-mortar model to ordinary people, and is committed to pushing the individual business economy to a higher level or even peak.


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Investment threshold 1: Arbitrage trading is a game of earning digital currency and French currency in digital currency, so the premise is that there must be a certain amount of digital currency and legal currency. If you only have US dollars (Japanese yen, Korean won), you need to buy a certain amount of digital currency first. Can't buy too little, otherwise the profit of the carry trade is not enough to transfer the handling fee and the miner's fee. For those who don't believe in the digital currency asset, buying the digital currency itself is a risk, but also talk about no risk. Profit. Investment threshold 2: Not only the main digital currency, but also a reasonable allocation plus the legal currency of each country, want to hedge arbitrage, national currency and digital currency for arbitrage such as BCH, both legal and digital currencies must be sufficient, and the national currency must be rich. Sometimes, this coin has an arbitrage opportunity. Sometimes the coin has an arbitrage opportunity, and the east side is not bright and the west side is bright. Investment threshold 3: Arbitrage transactions need to register a lot of exchange accounts, don't underestimate this threshold, even if you are not afraid of trouble or want to register to register, the exchange will have a strict user identity review, usually require users to provide documents and selfies, and some Also require proof of address, address proof often need to be able to query on the google map, so many countries' addresses are difficult to pass.
Because IO Intermediary Mall has solved the few thresholds required for you to move bricks and stabilize profits. I.IO Mall reduces the cost of capital required for arbitrage trading 1.At present, the investment requirements for the investment of virtual currency in major exchanges are at least 10,000 US dollars, and some require investment of 100,000 US dollars. If you want to make a profitable profit from arbitrage trading, you need to trade at least 10 or more exchanges to find a better investment opportunity, even if you only invest 10,000 US dollars, your actual investment. The amount must be at least 100,000 US dollars, and in IO Mall, you only need to invest 10,000 US dollars, you can start your easy and stable profit. 2. do not need customers to prepare a variety of legal coins, because the different exchanges of different regions, resulting in the exchange of legal currency will sometimes be different, if you move bricks, you have to prepare a variety of legal currency, and invest in IO Mall, only You need to have a legal currency. II. IO Mall provides real-time docking of multiple exchange data The real-time docking of multiple exchange data allows you to keep abreast of the current market conditions of major exchanges without missing any market fluctuations. In peacetime, countless pairs of eyes are staring at the trading market to find arbitrage opportunities. There are also many quantitative trading procedures that keep scanning the market. As soon as there is a difference, they will immediately move flat. It is like playing a hamster game. The price of which exchange is very high. Will be flattened soon, As an ordinary investor, only by grasping the data of multiple exchanges in time can the arbitrage transaction be stable and profitable. III. IO Mall to help you solve multiple account problems In the IO Mall, investing in the virtual currency provided by the major exchanges solves the problem that you need to register multiple exchange accounts, and even the registration verification is unsuccessful. Without an account, it is impossible to carry out arbitrage transactions. IV. the IO mall account system is complete IO Mall offers a complete account system. Users can register by email and mobile number. After registration, they can join the IO Mall. IO assigns each user a unique digital identity and digital wallet and writes it to the blockchain network. All transactions that the user participates on the platform are mapped to a unique digital identity assigned to the user by the platform.
In fact, in the world, as long as the blockchain is talked about, the first thing most people think of is bitcoin. Bitcoin has become a symbolic thing in the blockchain, and such an important bitcoin will become What about the bubble? Bitcoin is created by Satoshi Nakamoto and is a Token derived from a distributed algorithm. So there is no issuer for Bitcoin. Everyone can participate in the manufacture of Bitcoin, there is no risk of state and institutional control, and Bitcoin With a quota of 21 million, there will be no problem with over-issuance. The value of Bitcoin comes from global consensus. People all over the world recognize the value of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the gold of the digital world. In the past, transactions between countries were completed by the US dollar. Now, many countries have begun. Trading in digital currencies, such as Russia and Iran, choose to trade in bitcoin. Do you still think Bitcoin will become a bubble?